This is What Dudes Don’t Ask Their Doctors


The world around us has always been secretive, however, when you are out on a mission to make yourself fitter and presentable, leaving behind your secrets can pay.

Petty things like a hereditary medical issue can help you in changing the game of getting fitter. With this blog with the aim of unfolding some things we forget asking our doctors even when it plays a huge role in achieving our fitness goals.

These include crucial elements like:-

1. Genetics may surprise you

To begin with, look for answers to what all are your genetics to get from your ancestors? There are a lot of people who are prone to things like diabetes, baldness, and thyroid.

This is important since things like early heart attacks in a family generation after generation is not a coincidence.

Your medical history in front of your doctor will reveal what kind of food should you be consuming and what amount of hard work you need to put in which can help you lead towards your fitness goals faster and better.

2. Get the vaccinations you should

Your doctors will help you know which vaccination is meant for you. They’ll let you know your share of annual flu shots that you must take to keep yourself healthier.

In case if you are visiting a new doctor, you must keep yourself equipped with your immunization history.

Also, get annual health check-up things like thyroid levels, blood counts, vitamin B levels, hemoglobin level, and more can help you in knowing what previously had gone wrong in the race of keeping yourself healthy. 

Getting into the habit of an annual check-up will further help you to eliminate unpredicted diseases well in advance.

3. A check on your diet

There is something in each one of our diets that we are habitual to consume throughout our days.

This may be pancakes for some and toast for some other, however, access to it all can hamper us in a way we can never think of.

This is where just an acknowledgment from your doctor or a nutritionist can help you in leading a healthy and fitter lifestyle.

4. Weight loss

Fat is something that is very important for us all since it gives our body shape and a good immune system.

Anyhow this is something that will always keep you in a tricky position because access to fat will lead to obesity and less fat can get you undernourished.

Hence, people don’t really know whether to lose weight or not, this is where questioning your doctor about this can help.

5. Should you quit drinking or drink less

This is the last thing that is on our mind to be asking our doctors. However, the amount of alcohol we consume also contributes to the rise of sugar levels in our blood which can get dangerous for people who are diabetic.

Just being truthful about your alcohol consumption with your doctor can save you from the horror of last-minute news in the later stage of your life which you may find out about after a check-up.

Note: People whose grandparents have suffered from diabetes are prone to diabetes. However, this doesn’t mean that it will definitely occur to you.

One can reflect diabetes just by taking some conscious efforts like keeping your body active throughout the day going for 15 minutes of walk every day can help both people who are prone to have diabetes or to those people who are prone to get heart problems because of their genetics.  


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