Super Foods with a Twist


In the recent past, a lot of us have taken a healthy shift towards our skin where we are now ready to walk the extra mile that can help us in getting healthier and fitter.

This is one change that can be seen even when we’re in a professional setting or when attending a lecture.

It is so often that these days we find even youngsters walking that extra mile to shape their skins that can shape their lives in the longer run.

Hence, gymming has become the most common clubbing for the generation of 2019. Today we are concerned about everything that potentially can keep us in shape.

We work on every parameter right from planning the intensity of our workouts to the calories we should be consuming throughout the day to the ideal sleep hours.

Just to keep ourselves in shape today we focus on each and everything no matter how big or small that is in the end.

One thing that is extremely common and crucial in most of our workouts is our diet then if we are working out to get lean physic or then if we are working out to get a bulky look. In fact, even while reducing what we consume plays a crucial role.

And sometimes this means we even must say no to the food we can die for. In this blog, I am going to tell you some superfoods that you can consume to keep yourself healthy & fit along with some alternatives foods that you can consume.

Before I get down to the game of what should you have and how are they helping you in staying healthy.

I’d like you to know about some food that actually isn’t healthy and is fiddling with your health these include foods like:

1. White Bread

white bread

Unfortunately, consuming white is as good as consuming stained bread, many bread making companies use cheap color to stain the bread that can be harmful.

While you are buying bread for yourself take a thorough look through the ingredients of the bread and purchase the one which is made up of whole grain.

Whole-grain bread is always better because it has natural fiber in it that helps you in getting the right fat and even helps in staying away from obesity even if you are not hitting the gym.

2. Switch to dry fruits instead of fruits


Fruits are filled with vitamins and minerals, however, dry fruits to the contrary have added sugar, sulfur and unlike consuming fruits you don’t end up overeating them.

Surprisingly while consuming fresh fruits like a peach, apple, etc. the amount of water that these fruits have in them makes you feel stuffed which isn’t the case with dry fruits and this helps you consume the meals that you need instead of eating late at night.

3. Premade salads

Packed Salad

You may not know this but getting a store-bought salad can change its basics of being a healthy meal into a fat bomb by adding dressing amongst the green that you need.

Small portions of cheese, bacon bits, nuts can make your calories shoot the stars if it’s not added in moderation, which means your purpose of dieting is simply defeated.

4. Ice cream

ice cream

Is one food that is high on calories because of the amount of sugar & fat content in it. Having a single scoop of vanilla Ice Cream is as good as consuming 137 calories, 7.3 gms of fat 14 gms of sugar and 16 gms of carbs.

Which means you’ve waved off your entire day’s workout and the diet just by consuming a single scoop of ice cream. We all know that superfoods have been around us for ages and they have the ability to keep us in shape and healthy without any hitches.

However, the only thing we usually ask for is the taste of health. This includes getting foods like these:

5. Yogurt Smoothie

yogurt smoothie

I know having the same thing over and over again on a daily basis is not possible however mixing it up can help.

Greek Yogurt is something is filled with goodness where it consists of a high amount of protein and probiotics, fills up your belly, improves your immune system and digestion.

6. Cilantro, Avocado, Lime, and Chili Flakes


If you are somebody who is planning to get a bulky appearance consuming guacamole can be extremely helpful, however, a lot of us don’t quite like the flavor of it so simple by adding some lime juice with finely sliced onions with it you kind seem to like your guacamole meal.

In case if you are somebody who prefers adding avocado to your eggs or a salad a simple addition of acid and some spices like chili flakes can be magical for your omelet meal.

7. Coconut and cinnamon

Coconut and cinnamon

If you’re habitual of consuming sugar like adding it in your cereal or yogurt. Avoiding sugar has always been healthier so this time for a  healthy start you can add a shaved coconut with some cinnamon.

Even if it’s not sweet but is equally effective, though may have to acquire a taste for it.

8. Vinegar and spice

vinegar and spice

Salads that you consume be it prepared at home or if that is bought from a store generally has a oil base and later salt and some sugar is added in it which can be harmful in case if already have a BP issue or are genetic to diabetes mixing vinegar and spicing it up can be a useful effort for keeping you off that additional sugar and salt.

9. Ginger and carrot

When you are planning to have some salted, roasted or steaming carrot adding some ginger with it can be a useful experience it’ll add a hint of sourness in the sweet flavor of carrots.

10.    Mint and grapefruit

mint and grape fruit

Consuming a grapefruit during breakfast or in a salad or just as a snack adding just a hint of mint can change the flavours in your mouth.

Along with such an interesting mix getting foods like oatmeal, green tea, broccoli, and watermelon can be an added sword in the battle of being fit.

This is because oats are high on antioxidants, fiber and a lot of other nutrients that are extremely important for you to add in your daily breakfast meal which is extremely important for you to have to carry out your entire day.

A lot of us believe that green tea helps you reduce, where the truth of the matter is that green tea enhances your metabolism and mobilizes accumulated fat that helps you in shedding when you don any physical exercise.

Broccoli is one green vegetable that is full of vitamins and minerals that makes it a disease-fighting compound and it adds fiber essentials in your diet. Watermelon, on the other hand, is relatively low on the sugar content also is high on Vitamin A & C.

During summer it is a perfect snack to treat yourself with and the best thing about watermelon is that it is low on calories as well.


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