Songs for Your Workout Playlist


Songs have been like our partner in crime when we are in the mood to have some fun, they’ve also cheered us up when we have been all alone. Songs have just been like our true companion where they stick with us in every phase of our life..

Even our food is incomplete without “our song”. And we can leave our sorrows behind for a workout but not “our songs”.

In fact, while having a rough day or a hectic day at work music plays an essential role in calming you down and smoothing your senses. However, your anger just flows off your system for a very little while which then can be taken care of with an intense workout.

Working out after a bad, hectic, or a disappointing day can get beautiful despite having a few disappointments at work because this acts as a motivating element for your work out that releases your accumulated anger.

Too much aggression in the gym can also be dangerous hence having the right pair of gears can get you the deal you need.

By gears, many people will get themselves weight gloves, belts, and other stuff but the most important gear would not cross their minds.

Ear plugs, headphones or even speakers. Yes, Music is the most important gear that most of us miss out on carrying to the gym.

The connection between music and workout

listening music in gym

Here’s a tip for you, countless researches have been conducted and it has been scientifically proved that listening to the right music helps you burn your targeted calories faster and in a better manner.

I know what you are thinking ‘how is that even possible?’ well there’s this thing about music that it soothes your minds no matter what situation you are in.

In fact, you must have felt this that despite when you’re feeling low there are some songs that just cheers you up and makes your body feel a rush from inside.  

Believe it or not but working out these days isn’t just about improving your workout on a regular basis. There are numerous people who hit the gym right after a hectic day at work or even after a good day at work.

And then there are some who prefer playing a game of squash or soccer to ease out their minds. 

We know that it is important to release our anger because it can otherwise play with our mental peace. However, hitting the gym right after work or a bad day can actually end you up with serious injuries.

And by serious injuries, I mean the ones that can get you either hospitalized or bed ridden for days. This is where music plays a huge role. 

Listening to music during a workout can be a great distraction. In various researches, it has been seen that during a workout while listening to music many athletes don’t pay attention to their bodily awareness like some kind of an allergy or scratch on your skin that was previously distracting them from working out.

Before I get into what kind of music should you be listening to while you are working out, let me first tell you the benefits of listening to music during a workout.

How does listening to good music make a difference in your workout?


Music just doesn’t charge you up to work out – it also improves the quality of your workout by boosting your stamina and putting you in a better mood.

Moreover, it is proved that motivational music or music in synchronization with your workout shown to have better results.

Here’s how listening to good music impacts your workout positively:

a) Enhance Physical Performance: Strong or faster-paced music tends to improve the physical performance of your body, as a result your life more weight than you usually do, cover more distance on treadmill, or even more reps.

b) Psychological Effect: Music also has the tendency to change your mood. From a tired feeling it can flip to all motivated and lets you all fired up for workout. Studies suggest that the experience of listening to music can result in an increase in serotonin levels, which can put you in a better mood for your workout.

c) Good kind of distraction: Studies have shown music allows you workout more and makes you less aware even  when you are exerting barring the fact that it was distracting you from your body issue.

This is something that benefits athletes in a humongous manner since their performance rises up by 15% and it even helps your brain to process things faster which is crucial during a workout since a small miscalculation during a workout by your brain can change things around.

d) Music gets you in the zone: You see each one of us has a go-to song that lets slide in our zones. This is something that’s even been validated by science.

There are various songs that open the gates of our countless memories where we relate that song with some memory like each time while working out when I hear the eye of the tiger it reminds me of Jim Peterik’s concert and the intoxication in that concert that keeps me going during my workout.

This boosts our ability to work out in a better manner and even helps us concentrate on our workout.

e) Keeps up the pace: Good beats are so elegant that it helps you in keeping up with your pace, the flow of the music you are listening to kind of helps in stimulating the motor areas of your brains that helps you in moving during your workout in the right and best manner for the desired results.


muscular man listening music

Now that we know why should we be listening to music while working out or even during a run. The next more important thing for us to know is what kind of music should we be listening to since even highly paced music can mess things up.

You must understand that the kind of music that you listen to while working out decides how long will you be taking to get yourself in the desired shape.

This is because your music is 28% of your overall workout experience. A person working out on a regular basis would relate to this that it is extremely important for us to be focused and motivated during a workout.

Each one of us is as unique as our workout plan, diet plan and goals for working out are. And so, will be our music that we plan to listen during a run or while dead lifting. So, lets first see what kind of song suits you? 

What Songs Should be in Your Workout Playlist?

woman listening music in gym

Everybody is as unique as their career choices so are their food and even the songs that they prefer listening to. Some shake their booty on Sharika’s mix and some cannot do it without Eminem.

For some Metallica is the new Michel Jackson and some still groove only on EDMs so each one of you is bound to have a different version of the playlist from the other person.

Here are some songs that can will motivate you and boost your workout:

If you are a person who listen to songs depending on its beat then I feel you should add songs in your list that can make you helpless and pushes you to tap your feet. Songs like:

If you are somebody who loves Sean Paul then songs like:

In fact, you can even blend your list with some build-up songs that may start slower and drops you to get you dancing at the end like:

Even some songs of Enrique Iglesias can do the magic for you this may include:

Sometimes listening to songs that are peppy enough, however, are not in the language you know can still help you work out for the desired results:

In case boom songs are your thing then songs like:

are some songs that I personally recommend to a person who is walking his/ her way through to stay fit and healthier of such can help in getting.

In case if you are somebody who’s choice I haven’t been able to catch because of your uniqueness the classics like:

can never go off the hook in soothing your mind and taking you in the zone.

Note: Listening to highly paced music is also not quite good. this includes songs between 120 and 140 beats per minute have the maximum effect on moderate exercisers.



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