Roti Versus Brown Bread : What’s Your Healthy Choice?


We recently ran an Instagram story poll on our official Instagram channel, to see how people make their choices when it comes to maintaining a healthy life. All they had to do was, choosing their best option between ‘Roti’ (aka Chapatis) and ‘Brown Bread’. We are glad to announce, the audience reaction and participation to the story was amazing as well as close to facts. We would like to thank every participant and the results for our poll engagement were as follows (where 78% of the users were right with their choice): 

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We have already posted a picture on our official Instagram channel with the correct answer as to why roti (aka Chapatis) is healthier.

We thought of sharing a detailed explanation of roti (aka Chapatis) versus brown bread. So here it is:

Humans tend to pick up alternatives and that too which are easily available. For example, choosing bread to eat with curry when there are no roti’s available. 

Which makes total sense as we live in a generation where we are always out of time and in a hurry. Roti (aka Chapatis) takes time to be cooked whereas a slice of bread is ready to eat at any given point of time.

So, which one is healthier? Roti (aka Chapatis) is undoubtedly healthier than brown bread as it is made with whole grains and is filled with vitamins, minerals, proteins & carbohydrates. 

The nutrients available in roti (aka Chapatis) keeps you healthy, full and satisfied for longer. Moreover, it improves your blood circulation.

Whereas brown bread is believed to be made of whole wheat. But is it true? No! Brown bread that is easily available in the market may be partially made of refined flour (Maida in easy language). Also, color agents are used to give it the desired brown color. Yeast is added to make the bread fluffy and is extremely unhealthy.

Here are the differences between Roti and Brown Bread:

RotiBrown Bread
Roti (aka Chapatis) are made of whole wheat flour.Brown bread is partially made of refined flour.
No preservatives added and no processing to increase the shelf life. Therefore, the nutrients of the roti (aka Chapatis) remain intact.Brown bread goes through lots of processing and the product may not have any nutrient left to offer.
Rich in micro and macro nutrients.Nutrients are comparatively less. 
Gets stale easily, hence they are made and consumed fresh.Brown bread can stay fresh for about a week. Cause of the preservatives added.
Easy to digest.Yeast in bread makes them difficult to digest.

It is easy to conclude that roti (aka Chapatis) won this battle and proved to be healthier than brown bread.

Note: This post does not tell you to stop eating brown bread but just suggests you to not replace it with freshly cooked rotis.


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