How to Add More Fruits & Veggies in Your Diet?


They often say that a healthy mind is the land of healthy thoughts, where a lot of don’t really know this that a healthy mind is a gateway to a happy space. In recent research it has been found that being happier does not make you healthier, however, it has the potential of making your health better.

A study declared that being happy promotes a range of lifestyle changes in your lives that as a whole plays a huge role in keeping you happy. This study was conducted on 7000 people where it was found that 47% & more were consuming fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis along with a rich diet.

Hence, the kind of food you consume decides how healthy are you? Or what kind of diseases are you prone to in the nearing future? And the best way to keep yourselves high on the right set of vitamins and minerals depends on the kind of food you consume. This means your diet should have a good proportion of fruits and vegetables in it.

Now for those who don’t have a good proportion of vegetables and fruits in their diet how should they be getting the right balance of fruits and vegetables in their diet?

I know, for most of you consuming 2 apples a day is like accomplishing the mission when it is about increasing the number of fruits and vegetables in their diets.

However, this isn’t the way things should be. Adding more fruits and vegetables in your diet simply means that you absorbed a blend of nutrients which you were missing out on your regular staple diet.   

Having an idea about what is best for you gives you an edge in easing out your worry where consuming a set of vegetables and fruits helps does get you the right set of nutrients but it isn’t necessary that this nutrient was meant for you.

Each fruit is different from another and so is the case with the vegetables. For Example, mangoes and bananas are rich in potassium and just consuming one mango and a banana on a regular basis doesn’t mean that you’ve maintained the balance.

People consuming different many types of fruits and vegetables are in the most sorted spot since you are likely to have a balance of the needed nutrients in your diet.

American Heart Association in this subject has recommended that people consuming half a plate of fruits and vegetables are able to maintain a good and healthy diet.

But if you are getting canned foods in your diet just make sure that you are getting something that is lowest on sodium and added sugar in it. 

In my opinion, the best way to do this is by smartly planning and making changes in your daily meals like right from your breakfast to sorting your snacking options. 

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eating breakfast
  • Simple additions, where by just modifying your daily meals like by adding some sliced berries, resins, and bananas in your cereal.
  • consuming small glasses of fruit juices but punches having sugar in them.
  • some melon, grapefruits and any other fruit
  • Add some slices of vegetables, spinach (try adding as many green veggies as possible) bell peppers on bread or in your omelet (in case if you are a non-vegetarian). In fact, you can also have this with potato
  • Dry fruits with granola in your yogurt
  • stir berries, sliced apples or pears in the batter of your pancakes this will add natural sugar in the pancake and will also increase the fruit intake in your diet
  • Smoothie is also a good option just blend 3 different fruits in milk or yogurt 


eating lunch
  • In your Sandwich add vegetables like tomato, sprouts, cucumber, avocado or lettuce
  • A bowl of vegetable soup will also be extremely beneficial 
  • In your lunch try consuming fruit salad with whatever you’ve had as your lunch
  • If someday you don’t have lunch try having raw fruits or vegetables instead of chips
  • Avoid mayonnaise on your sandwiches rather use mashed avocado
  • In case if you are all caught in work just have a glass of vegetable juice which can be key in boosting your energy. Homemade juice is best in such a case but if you are getting it from outside then try having a mixed vegetable juice that will be low on sodium and would not have a high amount of added sugar init
  • You are always allowed to treat yourself by eating out just a simple step to avoiding fries can help. For starter, you should rather order yourself some vegetable soup or side salad
  • People having a sweet tooth would definitely crave for something sweet after lunch and having some fresh fruits can be a great option for you


eating snacks
  • It is completely normal to get hungry post-lunch and this is the time when you are most likely to consume junk. For such time keep some:-
  • Dry fruits like dates, almonds, apricots, raisins, etc. handy
  • Raw veggie sticks like red bell peppers, green beans, capsicum, celery or carrot  
  • Fruits like apple, bananas, kiwi or seasoned fruits like orange, mango, etc.
  • during hot days frozen fruits can do like bananas, 
  • Keep some selective fruits on the counter or in front of the more you see them the more you are likely to crave for that and you’ll eventually have one
  • Dips can also play a huge role where just by adding some veggies and fruits in yogurt can make your palate good and stop your cravings for an evening snack


eating dinner
  • Just add some veggies fruit spark in your dinner you may do this by adding
  • Fruit or a vegetable salad with dinner
  • Microwaved vegetables or side steamed of frozen veggies
  • Chopped veggies in your soup like celery, garlic, onions, stew, beans
  • If you having rice just adding some peas in it can do the needful
  • Garnish your food with fruits or veggies like adding some slices of apple on a curry or on salsa with chicken in case if you are a non-vegetarian, vegetarian can have this with cottage cheese. 
  • At least one extra vegetable in your daily meal like meatloaf or chili, zucchini or carrot to pasta sauce,  or roasted vegetables to rice or pasta dishes.
  • Make vegetables the primary focus on your dinner plate and use starch and protein as side dishes.


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