How Much Cardio You Should Do to Burn Fat?


No matter how hefty or wide you are the first thing that crosses through your mind when you are planning to reduce fat is that ‘you need to do some cardio on a regular basis.’

Cardio is probably the first exercise you hear once you enter the gym. A lot of you may find this surprising that cardio is one exercise that is the backbone in losing weight, getting fitter or for that matter to get healthier.

To keep yourself risk away, health authorities recommend weekly cardio of 150 minutes. People planning to lose weight should perform cardio for at least 300 minutes a week and those who plan to stay fit should have at least 150 minutes of cardio within a week.

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Cardio not just helps you in burning your fat but it even helps you in so many ways that you’d wanna go out for a run or a good cardio session after reading through it.

Cardio allows you in staying fitter in the following manner:-

  • Strengthens your heart in pumping blood
  • Enhances the capacity of your lungs
  • Reduces the risk of heart attack, high cholesterol & BP, diabetes and some forms of cancer
  • Eases you out in sleeping better
  • Reduces your stress
  • Improves your sex life
  • Increases your confidence with the way you look and feel

Losing weight isn’t just about continuing your jogs, runs and aerobics sessions, your plan to lose weight could be absolutely pointless if you are not watching what you are eating. 

Weight loss technically is about creating a calory deficit in your system where you neither are consuming the number of calories that you are burning.

Cardio is an essential portion of your workout for many reasons like: –

  1. Helps you burn more calories at a single time
burn calories

With cardio, you can boost your heart rate to your targeted heart rate, this helps in pumping your heart faster.

This means you are breathing and sweating harder which pushes your body to burn more calories. The longer and harder than you work that number of calories are burnt.

  • Helps you in increasing your workout intensity that boosts your calorie burn
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Minor changes in your workout like increasing your pace during a run, jumping higher, hill climbing or try out new activities such minor changes in your workout can make huge changes especially when it is about burning calories.

  • Adds to your overall calorie deficit
calories deficit

Calorie burning through exercises allows you in consuming calories you need to and this way you are not missing out on your regularly consumed calories provided you compensate it with your cardio sessions or you don’t try compensating for working out by eating more.

Excess of anything can go wrong be that eating our favourite dish or having water or for that matter working out.

Hence, a lot of us often try exploring that grey area in our workouts to identify how much of cardio session is perfect for us to get in shape and lose weight? In the zone for getting into the shape when we hear or even think of cardio the first few things that we imagine are sweat dripping off from our forehead while running or talking a brisk walk after a meal.

And on the days when you miss out on your runs, jogs you may be in that dilemma about what about your cardio session now.  

A lot of us don’t really know this that when we have skipped our jogs or runs exercises like swimming and cycling can add up on your cardio chart when we have skipped our cardio session.

Weight loss is hands down about creating a calorie deficit which is incomplete without the right diet.

However, when it is about tracking your weight loss each one of us looks for the right person to guide us through so that we can achieve our health goals faster better and most importantly in a healthier way.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggests that one should at least perform cardio sessions 150 to 300 minutes within a week which moderate intensity.

In fact, strength training is equally important since it majorly involves your entire body that strengthens the rest of your body.

This means while running you are also prepared to take on the upcoming challenges that you would have faced in case you were not performing strength training like muscular pains, pains on your shin, etc.

Make sure that when you are working out your body is in the right order and this will help in various other challenges and factors that otherwise would have would have affected your workout like: –

  • Age. The older you are, the fewer calories you can expect to burn.
  • Body composition. If you have a greater amount of muscle mass, you’ll burn more calories during exercise than someone who has a higher percentage of fat.
  • The intensity of the workout. The more vigorous the workout, the more calories you’ll burn in one session.
  • Gender. Men burn calories faster than women.
  • Overall daily activity. The more sedentary you are during the day, the fewer overall calories you’ll burn.
  • Weight. The greater your weight, the more calories you’ll burn.

Knowing what to do helps you humongous especially while you are performing cardio. I have some of the best cardio exercises that will help you lose a lot with assured results provided you do it dedicatedly.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source suggests that a person with 154 pounds can burn 140 to 295 calories within 30 minutes just with the right cardio exercises.

Thus, the exercises you should consider doing include: –

  • Hiking: this will help you burn somewhere around 185 calories
  • Dancing: While walking back home after s stressful moving your body on the beat of the music can not only divine but can also help you burn around 165 calories
  • Walking: A lot of us walk a lot, however, we often complain that ‘I walk at least 30 minutes within a day still how is it that I can’t lose?’. Guys this is something that has to do with your speed if you are walking for a longer duration. See if you are walking slowly for hours and hours this can be of no point but if you can maintain a constant speed of (3.5 MPH) this can help you in burning 295 calories’
  • Cycling:  Just like walking cycling slow can be of no use if you are doing it slow unless it’s a leisure session. Try keeping a constant speed of >MPH can help you in burning calories
  • Swimming: If you are a regular swimmer who likes to stay in the water, then there’s nothing as good as swimming for a cardio session. This will help you in burning out the right manner and will also help you burn at least 255 calories within a few laps.

Let’s do it the right way people and get toned skin for healthy results.


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