Best Yoga Poses for Killer Abs


Hesitant about going shirtless before entering the pool? Having a paunch can spoil your impression and can get you embarrassed. A hanging pot is the last thing that we all take pride in revealing.

And getting our bellies in shape has been our prime concern that ends up taking us to the either to a gym or for the half-hearted early runs. This is where Yoga has been playing a momentous role.

Introduced from the land of Kohinoor. Yoga is the most wholesome exercise form that not only enables you in achieving your physical goals, but it also strengthens your core.

With over 50 centuries of legacy attached to its Despite having 50 centuries of legacy attached with its name, Yoga is the last thing on one’s mind, however, it is the most result-oriented way of losing your paunch. In this blog, we aim at sharing with you some of the best Yoga exercises for stomach flattering and sexy abs.

Here are some of the most result-oriented Yoga asanas that you can try for yourselves: –

1. Phalakasana


Also known as ‘Planks’. This is one of the most powerful exercises that also strengthens your core since holding your entire body weight on your palms requires you to have good core strength.

Planks further help you in toning shoulders, abdominal muscles, and arms. So, when you have lifted your whole body in the air just on your toes and palms the pressure of your body goes on your belly that is something which reduces your belly fat and strengthens your core. 

How can you perform it: Lie on your stomach and once you are ready, lift your body just on your palms and on your toes. Soon you will feel a constraint on your belly. Do this for 8 to 10 minutes with some breaks during your initial days.

2. Navasana


It is also called the Boat Pose because just like the boat while you are performing the Navasana your body is elevated at a degree angle from both sides.

Navasana is a yoga pose for your core. While you are performing this pose it constrains your abdominal muscles and stretches your hamstrings. It further strengthens your hip flexors and spine, improves your digestion and balance and helps in stress release.

How can you perform it: Sit straight on the mat and once you are ready just lift your legs at a 60-degree angle. While your legs are elevated towards the roof it is important that you have powered down your back. The second thing then you have to take care of is that you have kept your hands parallel to the floor.                                 

This position may come across as a difficult one in the lot, however, it constraints the most important areas of your stomach.          

3. Adho Mukha Svanasana

It is one of the most popular Yoga poses and is highly important for the elongation of your body muscles and boosting the circulation of our body.

It further helps in relieving you from fatigue, headache, and insomnia. It also tones all the muscles our body that helps people even lose weight.

The right way to do it: Remember we used to stretch bending down on the ground just to mobilize our thighs and calm muscles by touching our toes. This pose can be done in a similar manner; however, the only difference is instead of touching your toes this time you have to extend your stretch a little more and place both your palms on the floor while you are facing towards your thighs.  

4. Ardha Chandrasana

Ardha Chandrasana

Is one Yoga pose that is popular across the globe for bringing stability and equanimity in our bodies and our minds. While you are sweating out to perform Ardha Chandrasana in the right manner it is on a mission to strengthen and build your muscles and nourish your belly in a great way.

Right to be doing this: Standing on one leg and looking towards the sky/ ceiling while your hands are at a 180-degree position. Where your one hand is touching the floor and the other hand is raised towards the sky while your leg is parallel to the ground.      

5. Dhanurasana


It is one of the most amazing and refreshing poses for getting a flat belly since it stretches all portions of our body in an extraordinary way.  People performing this pose on a regular basis can share with you that it helps them in improving digestion, getting a strong back, reduces belly fat.

It also improves our liver functioning, helps in circulation of blood, and strengthens our back.

The right way to do this: Lie down on the floor on your stomach and lift your legs towards your head and then try holding your toes or ankles in a way that your stomach balances your body on the floor.

These are some of the best Yoga positions that not only helps in getting you a flat stomach but also plays a huge role in strengthening your core. Which is extremely important while you have the target to get your belly all toned and transforming into strong abs.


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