Benefits of Stretching


In the era of today, where working late nights with back to back meetings on an empty stomach and exhausted mind is something that isn’t just a routine but even is the fashion of our lives.

Hence, lack of movement and obesity is what we end up with, and with so much time constraint, we can’t even think about walking to the gym either.

Amongst all these small things like basic exercises and stretching can play a huge role in keeping you fat to fit.

You must be wondering if stretching is something associated only with gymnasts or runners.

The fun fact is that each one of us needs to stretch not just stay fit and in shape but to stay in moving condition.

A lot of us don’t really know this but stretching is something that should happen on a regular basis just to keep our muscles in movement and joints in motion.

How is Stretching important?

man stretching

Stretching keeps your muscles strong, flexible and healthy. It keeps our system running in the right order with a range of motion in the joints without stretching our muscles shorten and get tighter.

Hence, when your body gets active during a sport or while running or while just having fun with your friends and your family and this time your weak muscles don’t let you have the fun you deserve for a longer time.

Thus, this results in joint pains, strains and muscle damage. For example, when at work you sit on your working station all day long this leads in tightening your hamstrings in the back of your thighs.

This typically means that it can get very hard for you to stand up properly and would pain the second you straighten your legs from a 90-degree position to 180 standing position.

Here are some of the benefits of Stretching?

1.     Enhances your flexibility


Stretching yourself increases your agility and enables your blood flow in the right order.

Doing this regularly enables in enhancing your flexibility which is something very necessary for overall good health.

Flexibility improves your moving efficiency that will help you despite when you are aging and can be seen in your mobility as compared to your peers in that age bracket.

2.     Boosts your range of motion


The ability to move joints through its full range of motion gives you freedom of movement.

Stretching regularly helps in enhancing your range of motion. In a study, it was found to increase the range of motion both static and dynamic stretching is quite helpful.

3.     Increases your physical performing ability

couple stretching

Dynamic stretches before any physical activity enables your muscles to get prepared for that very activity which you are about to perform.

4.     Improves your blood flow to your muscles

blood flow

Stretching regularly improves the flow of your blood internally to your muscles.

This new change under your skin has the ability to shorten your recovery time after an activity or exercise. It even reduces the chances of your muscles from soreness.

5.     Improves your posture

right siting posture

Poor posture is some that are the most common thing amongst people suffering from muscle imbalance.

In research it was seen that the combination of stretching and strengthening specific muscle groups can result in the reduction of musculoskeletal pains that encourages proper alignment.

This in return me helps you in getting your posture right.

6.     Prevents heal and back pain

back pain

Tight muscles lesser your range of motion hence, when this happens you increase the chances of straining your muscles in your back.

Stretching can help you heal an existing back injury where while you stretch it gets your needed muscles in the right shape slowly.

Stretching regularly can be of huge help in preventing future backaches and this will strengthen your back muscles today that reduces your risk of straining them tomorrow.

7.     An amazing stress reliever

stress free

When you’re stressed out so are your muscles, a good example for this is your posture during your interview where your neck from the back is in a restricted shape and so is your back because you are sitting in a rigid position that doesn’t let you move in the right manner.

This is simply because your muscles have tightened up when you’re anxious (responding to your emotional and physical stress).

Hence, stretching right before your interview can be of huge help in sharing what you wish to convey and keeping your skin in the right shape.

8.     Calms your mind

mind peace

Stressing regularly not just increases your flexibility but can even calm you down. This is simply by just taking up exercises that focus on mindfulness and meditation exercises that give a break to your mind.

9.     Keeps you off headaches because of tension


Tension and stressful headaches can interfere with the peace of your daily life. With a proper diet, keeping yourself hydrated, resting well and stretching are some of the few things that can keep you in a good shape.

10.  Reduces the risk of muscle injuries

muscle pain

Flexible muscles are less likely to get injured especially while you are making sudden moves.

With the help of increasing the range of motion in some joints through stretching can be of huge help in decreasing the resistance from your body on various muscles during an activity.

Having tight muscles is something that is so close to us under our skin that we are absolutely clueless about it.

And with tight muscles when you ask them to make a sudden movement for an activity that stretches them such as while playing tennis, or while just catching and when you extend your leg from your existing position to just a step ahead of you.

Where injured muscles may not be strong enough to support your joints, this may lead to joint injuries.

Nolan declared that the most critical muscles under your skin are in your lower extremities: quadriceps in the front of the thigh, your hip flexors in the pelvis, your calves and your hamstrings that are very crucial for your mobility. 

Hence you can start by just stretching your shoulders, rotating your neck, and giving sudden jerk from centre to left side and then on to the right can help.


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