About us

Hello people, Welcome to Yourfitnesswizard.com

I am a fitness enthusiast and been into fitness from last six years. I love to be fit and I idealize to make the world a fitter, place to reside in.

Especially with the ones having a hectic lifestyle, for example, the people in corporates. Since I have been a part of the corporate world as well, so I am aware of the challenges people face when striving hard to be in a better shape and healthy while working. Here, I’ll be sharing the solutions to such problem which I have tried and that worked for me well.

As a professional unit, I aim at bringing a blend of knowledge about what one should be eating, doing in terms of exercises, and how many hours of sleep should they be encompassing to lead a better and healthier lifestyle.

This includes the information about what kind of exercises should you be doing for lean or bulky physic and what are the general lifestyle change you should be making for that (including nutrition plan). I provide free services of personalized exercise and nutrition plan. Get in touch, if you need any assistance with personalized diet & exercise plan.

Now, let’s start the journey of being fit with Your Fitness Wizard.