8 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter


Staying fit and healthy is something that is on all our minds then be that a student or a professional working in a corporate. This is simply because of the kind of lifestyle we are leading these days, we are in an era where most of our days move as if we are living on the edge of a bullet train. Where everything for us is a race right from maintaining a healthy work-life balance to heading towards success.

This is something that can even be seen in our sleep cycles where a lot of us often complain lack of time for sleeping or for a break or for that matter for keeping us up with nutrients. 

All of this moves up the gear during the winter then how shall we keep ourselves healthy and fit when during winters we are bound to be lethargic and lazy towards working. A lot of us will definitely skip our workout which we were up for during summers without any glitches and issues. this is something that each one of us has undergone, however, the will for working out has got some of us through. 

Winters have officially been the season for cuddles, bonfire, hot chocolate, lying on the couch & watching movies, watching the snow falling from the sky, preparing your favorite comfort food and enjoying your days with your friends and family. and keeping yourself healthy in the middle of all that can get challenging for you.

Before we get down to the tips that can keep you healthy during winter lets first identify and spot a few simple ways to fight lethargicness this winter. I know each one of us is unique in our own ways so for some of us who finds it difficult to find their way on the treadmill during winter start your workouts with some of these tips in play:-

  • Start your days with some sunlight days during the winter would hand down be shorter than the usual days this means it will be affecting both your sleep and your walking cycle. Lack of sunlight would also make your brain produce more of melatonin (a hormone that makes you sleepier) than usual.Simple things like opening your curtains as soon as you wake up, getting as much sunlight as possible can change things around. Getting outside your house for outdoor activities can help absorb as much natural light as possible.sunrise in winters

    Even small brisk walk right after lunch can help you in this regard this is something professionals working in the corporates can get put to use during their breaks. I know the sun won’t be around all days in the winter season so get as much of natural light as possible during the winter days. Make sure that your work and/ or home environment is as light & airy as possible.

  • Getting yourself to rest well and get some goodnight sleep can help you wake up by the same time as you used to wake during the summer days. Snoozing your alarm is extremely tempting but sleeping too much during winters can make you even more sluggish than of the usual days. Unlike summers when we actually need sleep long hours in winters our body doesn’t really need to sleep for long hours.During winter sleeping for 8 hours is just good enough all we must ensure is that we shut our eyes at the right time and wake up by the required time.


  • Destress yourself with exercise or meditation since stress will make you feel tired every now or then. By adopting ways that can help you feel relaxed can keep you energized during the day and high-spirited even during the winter season. This will help you stay fatigue-free and stressfree. Unfortunately, there’s no remedy for stress to eliminate it the second it knocks your days but you cal always do something to reduce it. For every individual, it is a different thing like Yoga, breathing exercises, mindfulness or meditation. 
  • Regularly exercising is some that are probably the last thing on your list especially when you are feeling tired on a dark winter day, however, every day you’d get highly energized after performing physical activity. People who exercise late in the afternoon know that it reduces fatigue during the early evening and helps in improving their sleep. 

Once you’ve figured a way out to keep yourself woken up during dark and chilly winter days keeping healthy is the next big challenge on our hand. Especially because this the time when your heart will get warmed up and music will find its way to your ears and getting under the weather and missing out on fun is the last thing that you want for yourself. Hence, here are some tips that can keep you above the weather and energize, unlike your peers. 

  1. Wash your hands at regular intervals: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have shared that during winters germs get on your hands and enters your body from various sources. By washing your hands on a regular basis you are not just keeping yourself away from diseases but even are keeping yourself away from spreading communal diseases that can affect everybody else as well. 
  2. Sanitizing your surroundings: while you are washing your hands a simple initiative of pouring the water around the sink will disinfect the area and kill the germs that will keep you and your family disease-free. 
  3. Cover yourself well: during the winter days just keeping yourself disease-free is not enough you also must keep yourself warm and cover from the chilly wind that can get you under the weather. Wearing boots, overcoats, muffler, cap ad gloves can keep you away from winter problems. Also, keeping your finger covered can help you safeguard your hands from frostbite. 
  4. Stay active: this can help your blood flow in the right manner that can mobilize your bones and muscles. This will help you in controlling your weight which may otherwise increase during the winter season. This will keep your body stronger and help you stay away from germs and flu. 
  5. Get vaccinated: Winters is a season when you’re prone to flu getting the right vaccination can help your boy adapt with the ever-changing weather and will help you stay above the weather. 
  6. Healthy Diet: This can help in strengthening your Immune system that makes your body resist infections and viruses. Try consuming foods like sweet potatoes, turmeric, garlic, dark leafy greens can help you keep up your body fill with antioxidants and vitamins. 
  7. Senior citizens should visit the doctor once or twice a month: During the old age, our bday becomes weak and unpredictable regular check-ups with the doctor can help you spot and eliminate disease at an early stage. 
  8. Workouts: During winter if you think you’ll be working out even in winter get your workouts in a closed setting this will keep your body warm and off trouble. You can do this by swimming in an indoor swimming pool, working out in gyms, joining dance classes, etc.


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