5 Gadgets to Take Your Training to Another Level

Fitness Gadgets

A regular exercise routine is good for our health but following the same workout schedule can be boring sometimes. Let’s understand this with the help of an example, if you run on a treadmill for continuous 40 minutes it won’t be as exciting as it was when you started.

The same schedule could be monotonous and might make it difficult to track the progress over a period. With little or no improvement it might leave you feeling a bit uninspired and less enthusiastic. 

And that’s where fitness gadgets come in. Just like other things in life, our workout also needs to have some excitement in it. 

Thankfully, fitness technology has come so far that it can’t be ignored and has proven to be very helpful in order to improve one’s athletic performance.

There are a plethora of fitness gadgets available in the market that can be used to transform yourself into a fit & healthy body. I couldn’t mention them all but yes I have the best, easily available and budgeted fitness gadgets to take your workout to another level.

Here are the 5 best fitness gadgets to take your workout to another level:

1. Fit Band

This, by far, is one of the best products of fitness technology. It’s so awesome that it tracks your general movement throughout the day which includes steps, sleep quality, calories, and more.

The product we would recommend here would be MI band 4. It’s very popular among people and trending in the market. It’s features includes:

  • Music control
  • Water resistant upto 50m
  • 24/7 heart monitoring
  • Swim tracking with stroke recognition
  • Upto 20 days battery life

All these features come at a very effective and budgeted price range.

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2. Headphones/Earplugs

This one is probably the most common yet one of the best gadgets to take your training to another level.

Listening to music while working out helps in improving the quality of your workout by increasing stamina and putting you in a better mood.

To know about why and what music you should be listening to while working out, read our detailed post on Benefits of listening music while working out.

You can choose any type of ear plugin according to your budget or brand preferences but I am gonna recommend you the one I have used which is JBL Endurance Run.

These are of super quality with bolt and their performance.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

3. Smart Weighing Scale

A smart body scale is an electronic scale that measures weight and other body metrics like BMI. The data collected by the electronic scale is easily accessible on the app which is linked to the scale.

This helps you in keeping the track of weight and other body metrics over time. Also, more than one person can use it so it’s not just improving your workout but your family’s too, thus making it one of the good gadgets to take your training to another level.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

4. A fitness Mobile App

This one is my favorite. They are super easy to use and help you with pretty much everything. From step counter to sleep tracking and heart health, a fitness mobile app got you covered with everything.

Now, there are big brands that are already there in the market and are offering the best services like Adidas. But at some point of time you will need to have a paid subscription to avail everything they are offering.

However, there are some free fitness apps available in the market that are not just free but also makes your workout regime more challenging and effective.

One of such apps I use is 15 Days Home Workout Challenge. This app is great and offers every level of fitness challenge from beginner to advanced for every type of workout.

Download here

5. A Fitness Mobile app (Version – 2.0)

I know, we have already covered the app part and talked about how apps can be so amazing for one’s training. But this one is for nutrition. 

Without right nutrition it is impossible to have your desired physique. And to have the right quantity of the right nutrition is important. 

My fitness pal, does the work for you to track your macros intake. You just need to enter the food you are having and it will tell you about the macronutrients of that food. 

Below is the screenshot from the app that will help you understand better. An example screenshot will have the details about eggs:

I use this app and it is a powerful ally in your fitness journey.

Download here

So, above are the 5 best gadgets that will take your fitness training to another level. I hope you guys find this helpful. For more updates and daily fitness tips, follow us on Instagram.


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